Geylang Sipaku Geylang

What the heck does Sipaku mean anyway? The nail?

“Geylang the nail geylang?”

Tak faham!


Iftar-ed with the people I miss SO SO MUCH yesterday!

Well minus Dazril since he’s no where near Singapore and like Alfian, because he was studying or something. Yes rub your eyes. Its true.

At 5pm, I called Ain.

Me: Eh kau pegi kan, nanti?
Ain: Aku pegi. Eh but I forgot to tell you. Nat ngan aku tak solat, so we’ll meet you after solat.
Me: WHAT! Shah tak solat as well! So what? Its just going to be Ahmad and I?
Ain: A’ah. Romantic aper!

Yup, and to up the romantic factor, we went to Arqam to solat right. Arqam was having a BLACKOUT. So we ate kurma in the dark. WOO!

Saw this like really hot guy taking wudhu at Arqam. [No, its not Ahmad.]

ANYWAY. Ahmad and I headed to City Plaza/Square (I forgot) to meet the rest at Arnolds! The place is like a less cool version of Queensway shopping centre. According to Nat, the only place that we could potentially “shop” at was like, Watsons. HAHA.

Long, long queue at Arnolds la! Must take number somemore! We got there at 730ish and it was number 58. Our number?


So we just stood there outside Watsons and people watched.

Ain: You shouldn’t wear stripes when you’re fair and pudgy! -referring to some woman in the distance-
Me: OI. Aku terasa man. (I wasn’t wearing stripes la, but I DO wear.)
Ain: Huh? But you’re NOT pudgy!
Me: I AM pudgy!

-another pudgy woman walks and stops right in front of us to look at something at Watsons-

Ain: Okay Amy, you should refrain from saying the word ‘pudgy’ for like the next 10 minutes or so.


Ahmad was being all Bapakish on us and had to entertain the needs of his 6 year old daughter Nat, telling Ain not to balance herself on the railing..totally bapakish!

See, we were waiting quite a distance from Arnolds so we couldn’t exactly hear the number being called.

So now and then Nat would ask Ahmad to check. So much so that he was going there to check every 5 minutes or so.

When he refused, Nat would turn on the whining. Wow its a side of Nart that even *I* haven’t seen! She can really whine la! I mean, come on, she’s totally Miss Heavymetal-my-eyes-bleed-for-your-crimson-scarred-heart so you don’t exactly expect her to be THAT good at whining.

She was whining SO loudly “Ahmaaaaaaaaaaaaad” until this like 4 year old girl standing next to us actually macam looked at Nat and rubbed her eyes to macam confirm her sight.

Well yesterday, Nat pwned Ahmad. Watch! Its not everyday you get to see Ahmad being all binget you know!

[don’t listen to what Shah, Ain and I are saying, concentrate on the whining and Ahmad pretending not to hear anything and finally giving in AND nart’s joy after that. Its hilarious.]

So we moved closer to Arnolds. It was still like number 68 or something. And at that time, the hunger really started to set in.


And at 9ish, we finally got in. We placed the fastest order ever in ordering history la!

(These conversations were purely fictitious la ok)

But Ain was really binget that her potato platter took 6 years to come. Potato platter, roxxorzxzx. Cheese sauce man, cheese sauce!

When the chicken came, Shah was all busy.

Check out the difference in the faces.


And then we spent the rest of the night getting lost in the stuffy, hot, overpopulated bazaar.

Yup and got home smelling like dendeng.

Wow, Nat is faster than me!

11 thoughts on “Geylang Sipaku Geylang

  1. I know right!!! I pwn amy!

    OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU PUT A VIDEO OF ME WHINING!!! Amy you are eveeeeelll….
    luckily your hp video quality not very good… gaahhhhh…
    Wah, I forgot to take a picture of cute putu piring emoboy… now I’m sad =(

  2. wow family reunion!

    I was JUST abt to ask you if ur nama timangan is shasha or smth.

    its like the only possible explanation for the comment. haha.


    So now you know your ABCs? Next time I won’t sing with you la like that.

    O LEVEL (note the singularity of it!) is in 30 days GAHHH!
    -slits wrist with spoon

  4. nama timangan! goshhhhhhh…..

    Amy, you’re too popular la… everyone reads your blog… it has like 28k hits already mans! Wth…

  5. Math is a wonderful thing!
    Math is a really cool thing!
    So get off your ass let’s do some Math! Math Math Math Math Maaaaath!


    Pulang, marilah pulang, marilah pulang, bersama-samaaaaa!

  6. Haha! I’m just wondering how your COUSIN got here. I don’t think *MY* cousins read this.

    Yup, as discussed, Lina, you need help.

    eh malam ni joget2 lagi.

  7. Entah… dier budak year1…

    I bet my cousins don’t know I read their blogs anyway, so it could be that your cousins read your blog but decided not tell you. hurrrr

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